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Digi Engineer

Capture all site data with Digi Engineer service

Digi Engineer service ensures all relevant data is collected from the site. Standardised data collecting process, technology, and secure data transfers ensure a pleasant user experience. You may order the Digi Engineer data collection either as a service–ensuring you will benefit from the beginning–or as a training that will provide your employees with all necessary skills to carry out the data collection.

Data collection, site analysis and user support as a service

Your dedicated Digi Engineer takes care of site data collection and related processing and provides user training and support. Digi Engineer will also advise the site organisation on how to best utilise Aiforsite’s Artificial Intelligence for Construction (AIC) application.

As part of the service agreement, your dedicated Digi Engineer collects site data on a regular basis, typically weekly, using drones and helmet cameras, and will install necessary sensors and take care of the AIC application installation and maintenance.

Digi Engineer service includes

Installation and maintenance of data collection devices at the site such as sensors and cameras

User training and support

Site drone imaging

Site 360 video recording

Site management reports such as conditions management, site completion, and site productivity

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Make your site data flow to all project stakeholders. Order now our Digi Engineer service for data collection and get the benefits right from the start. Or gain skills for proven data collection through Aiforsite training.