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Situational awareness and remote work


With Aiforsite solution you get full situational awareness and ability to perform many of your normal everyday tasks remotely reducing effort, cost, and emissions.

Up to date situational awareness without site visits

You get real time situational awareness without any site visits. Aiforsite solution is based on a sensor and video technology, and the use of artificial intelligence to provide visual real time information from the site automatically.

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Real time situational awareness allows you to

  • Ensure that all stakeholders have the same up to date information.
  • Manage site resources more efficiently.
  • Reduce effort and cost related to agreed changes and disputes.

Enhancing remote work allows you to

  • Complete many tasks, such as site meetings, more flexibly remotely.
  • Utilise advanced reporting features and decrease the time spent on reporting
  • Plan the next tasks on the site in advance and in detail.

Quick implementation

We will implement our solution as a service typically within one to three weeks from placing your order. The implementation phase is effortless and does not burden the site workers. You get the delivery as a turnkey service and we swiftly train your employees to utilise the solution. Contact us now to ensure your sites will be truly productive–even in challenging circumstances.



Change the closed project into a transparent process. See all information and crucial site events in real time. Work remotely and effectively.