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Wendy AI

Artificial Intelligence for the built environment and Smart Products for project management.

What does Wendy AI and Smart Products offer?

Wendy AI is your ultimate project management assistant, while Aiforsite’s Smart Products, you’ll discover a whole new world of information, tools and automation to the construction site.

Wendy AI, in combination with your own data sources and Aiforsite’s Smart Products, offers a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline project management, improve productivity on construction sites, and accelerate the entire construction process. By leveraging these cutting-edge solutions, contractors can significantly enhance efficiency and profitability on their activities.

 Don’t settle for less – choose Wendy AI and Aiforsite’s other products and solutions for a smarter, more profitable construction experience.

Wendy AI streamlines and automates work processes and helps solve construction challenges.

With Wendy AI, you get visibility of all your construction project data through a single interface. Wendy AI assists with construction-related tasks by providing support for:

  • Project management
  • Resource tracking
  • Data analysis


In addition, Wendy AI automates many administrative tasks, such as producing weekly site reports, and discusses built environment issues with the user in a relevant way.

Wendy AI uses relevant data sources for instant value.
Rapid integration into any customer project environment.
cloud computing 1

Upload your own data.

Customer Project Share

Agreements, Schedule, Cost Calculations, BIM, Plans & Drawings, Material Information, Other Information.
3d design

Smart Products

Aiforsite Data Sources

Site Cameras, 360 Video, Positioning, Condition Sensors, Drone.
integration 1

3rd Parties Data API

Customer Applications

Scheduling, Logistics Management, Quality Management, Cost Management, HSE, Others.

Wendy AI Engine for Construction

Skill sets for construction.
Contexts for construction.
Knowledge bases for construction.
Knowledge graphs & ontology for construction.
Specially developed AI architecture for construction.

Wendy AI User Interface

Web & Mobile App

Company Level

Project Level

Start using Wendy AI right now!

You’ll begin benefiting the moment you start using Wendy AI.

As on its own, Wendy AI can answer general questions about construction and process uploaded documents such as plans or contracts. 

You can also access your existing data through Wendy AI by connecting your other applications through 3rd party APIs. 

The biggest benefits you’ll gain by connecting Wendy AI to Aiforsite’s Smart Products. That is when Wendy AI helps you the most and becomes an indispensable part of your team. 

Smart Products

Access real-time project data through Wendy AI with the help of Aiforsite Smart Products.

Empower Wendy AI with real-time situational awareness by connecting it to Aiforsite’s Smart Products.


Real-Time Location System

Monitor contractors’ performance in real-time.
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360 Reality Capture

Check the prerequisites of selected areas and document the progress visually.
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cctv camera

Site Cameras

See every corner of the site in real time, even if you are not there.
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Drone Reality Capture

Improve site planning, measure volumes of excavated soil, and track the site progress.
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condition monitoring icon

Condition Monitoring

Monitor condition of poured cast-in-place concrete, air temperature, humidity and pollution.
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Value delivered to over
140 construction projects globally

Hear it from our customers

“This is a great tool compared to previous tools we had. We will not go back to the old way of doing.”

Site Manager, publicly listed construction company

“The ways of documenting the site have enhanced site layout planning and area management as a whole.”

Site Engineer, project management company

“Flexible solution fits our needs for the site camera surveillance and site progress tracking.”

Project Director, Energy company

“The clear benefit of using Aiforsite is that the project makes progress all the time and no production area remains idle.”
Site Manager, Project Management Contractor