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About us

Aiforsite empowers construction professionals with cutting-edge AI technology and digital products to streamline and optimise the management of construction organisations and projects.

Next level efficiency in construction

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Aiforsite is a global provider of IoT products such as smart sensors for real-time monitoring of construction sites, tracking systems for people, equipment and materials, and automated analytics for increased efficiency and productivity.

These products and customer’ own data can be integrated with Wendy – The built environment AI, to provide construction professionals with a comprehensive solution for managing their projects more efficiently. By leveraging the power of Wendy AI and these products, construction professionals can make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, and improve overall project performance.

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Who we are

Aiforsite is established in 2016. Our HQ is located in Espoo, Finland, and we operate globally.

Aiforsite UK Ltd established its presence in the UK, London in the spring of 2022.

We have a great team of almost 30 professionals in construction, artificial intelligence, product and software development. We are seeking significant growth in the next few years.

We are a customer-oriented company that operates responsibly and openly.

Interested in our solutions? If you want to work or partner with us, contact us now.

Aiforsite’s international service network

We have successfully delivered over 100 projects to different countries, including Finland, Norway, Denmark, India, Malaysia, and the UK. We have a global partner network and are open to mutually beneficial cooperation.

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