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We provide professional training on productivity methods and platform usage for construction project managers, system users, and partners.

Training for different groups and levels

Productivity training for managers

In order to successfully implement changes in the organisation, it is essential for top management to be committed to the process. Executives and managers responsible for construction projects should take the time to explain the changes and the reasons behind them.

We offer extensive training on Aiforsite’s operating model for improving productivity and using data in daily management to top managers of construction companies. It is advisable for this training to take place before starting a new project. A strong understanding of the value of the new methods for improving productivity is crucial for gaining support from all team members.

Productivity training for managers is closely related to the Productivity Roadmap service.

The Productivity Platform accumulates real-time data from multiple data sources.

Training for the platform users

User training on the Aiforsite platform is a standard offering for our enterprise customers. Our goal is to help you become proficient in using the platform from the start.

The training course for users consists of three workshops where you will learn how to use the platform tools. In these workshops, we will also review the current situation, schedules, goals, safety, and other relevant aspects of the site.

You will learn how to use the system and service during all phases of the project and for specific tasks. The training covers all necessary topics to ensure that each user is able to utilize the platform tools related to their role in the project.

Productivity Engineer training

The most easy way to integrate the Aiforsite productivity model into the site’s everyday life is to hire a Productivity Engineer.

He/he takes care of the technology deployment data collection, reporting findings and introducing corrective initiatives to the project management on your behalf.

When you are ready to scale up the technology and the methods to wider use in your organisation, we can train your team members to become productivity engineers.

Productivity Engineer service helps learn new improvement methods faster and easier.

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Data collection training

Technology training is designed to train your own Data Collectors and focuses on how to implement, utilise, and maintain the Aiforsite technology in the project and how to process the data.

The training covers the use of the agreed modules, such as drone, 360 camera, condition sensors, site cameras and positioning data system,  and processing the data in the system.

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