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Haahtela: Monitoring site progress visually

Easy monitoring and site documentation with Aiforsite

Three brand new multistory buildings are constructed in Jätkäsaari, a peninsula quarter of Helsinki, Finland. The project utilises Aiforsite to monitor the progress at the site–easily even remotely. All necessary tools are combined into one service making it easy to document and compile all recordings and visual images of the site.

Anni Keskisimonen works for Haahtela as site engineer:

– The multistory buildings are constructed right next to a port basin. In our project manager role at the sites, we at Haahtela monitor the adherence to schedules, the quality of work, and the costs incurred. We represent the owner of the project, Projektet Isabella.

The site is monitored remotely

The construction industry is digitising swiftly. More and more companies are using digital services to keep track of project details such as schedules and costs. At the same time these services allow for new ways of doing things such as documentation. So does Aiforsite.

– Aiforsite is a pioneer in many ways. As an example, should I need to work from home I can now view the site camera feed in real time. The application is highly intuitive to use on a phone, too,” explains Keskisimonen.

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Versatile footage helps to visualise

Haahtela has utilised Aiforsite service for job safety measurement. According to Keskisimonen, both the technology and service have been highly accommodating. Whenever she has been unable to visit the site herself, Aiforsite has provided the footage she needs.

– The ways in which the site is recorded has made things like area planning and overall site management much more efficient. We can remotely observe where bulldozing in a particular area on the site is needed and changes are taking place. We are fully aware of the situation and status at the site and what progress has taken place, and can then relate exact information to contractors and other project stakeholders, Keskisimonen says.

Keskisimonen recommends Aiforsite to owners and all parties involved in the construction business.

”Aiforsite is an easy solution to any construction site not using the latest IT technology yet. For example there may not be so many workers who know how to operate a drone or use all the tools Aiforsite provides. Now all that has been combined into one intuitive service.”

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