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Productivity Engineer Service

Improve productivity by making waste visible

Aiforsite’s productivity engineer service helps project managers measure and improve productivity on-site by making waste visible.  The real-time situational awareness and productivity analytics help detect and eliminate waste from the workflow, stay on schedule, or, even better, go ahead of schedule.

Site Manager shows a positioning beacon on the site left

Technology + Productivity Engineer = Productivity Engineer Service

The Productivity Engineer Service means Aiforsite’s technology for collecting data and measuring productivity is delivered to the site with a personal service component. The productivity engineer ensures the site organisation will learn to monitor and measure productivity from day one.

Aiforsite installs and maintains monitoring devices and collects data from the site, reports findings and introduces corrective initiatives to the project management. He/she trains the customer’s personnel to get the most out of the Aiforsite’s technology. 

Who is a productivity engineer?

Your dedicated productivity engineer is an experienced construction professional. He/she is employed by Aiforsite but joins the project’s organization as an external member.

The productivity engineer is a helping hand of site management. He/she monitors the progress of the work phases daily from the remote control room of Aiforsite. He/she observes the pre-requisites for planned work, works in progress and material flows.

Resource presence analysis

The productivity engineer is your guide to better performance

The Productivity engineer tracks resources using Aiforsite’s technology and compares the real situation at the workspaces to the planned schedule. 

The Productivity engineer analyses the collected information and records deviations that cause waste in the workflow. He/she prepares weekly reports and participates in weekly meetings with the site management and subcontractors.

Collaborate to eliminate the waste

In the weekly meetings with the site management and subcontractors, the productivity engineer presents analyses on discovered waste in the process, reports the productivity development, and introduces improvement initiatives to eliminate waste and improve the schedule situation.

The site management takes responsibility for the implementation of the proposed measures.

A meeting on the construction site
Takt production schedule

Numerous data sources create a complete snapshot of the situation

The productivity engineer service uses the project’s documentation and utilizes numerous data sources from Aiforsite’s sensors and cameras installed on the site. 

  • Condition sensors (humidity, temperature, pollution etc.)
  • Resource positioning system
  • Site cameras
  • 360 videos
  • Drone footage
  • Drawings in digital format
  • BIM models
  • Project schedules
  • Logistics and material flow data 

Secured data collection and processing

The service concept is flexible – you may order the data collection as part of a Productivity Service package or you can order training for your employees and collect data on your own. The training will provide your people with all the necessary skills to carry out the data collection and uploading it to Aiforsite’s system.

We have a standardised data collecting process and safe data transfers. All data is stored securely on the AWS cloud.

Attaching 360 camera to the helmet

Technology is here to help you

We have developed the Productivity Engineer Service in response to the needs of our customers, who contribute to the continuous improvement of productivity. Technology alone does not solve productivity challenges; people do. Modern technology just makes it easier. Our service will help you to see the gaps in the workflow and guide you to better performance and collaboration with all stakeholders.