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Challenge for Wendy AI

Idea Competition - submit a proposal for Wendy AI.

Entering a new era in construction management


This spring, Aiforsite will release Wendy the Artificial Intelligence, which will greatly enhance the construction site management. What kind of value should Wendy produce for construction professionals at best? How can Wendy help manage the construction site? Which urgent or repeating problems can Wendy solve? Suggest an issue that Wendy should solve or automate on the construction site.


Ideakilpailu – esitä haaste Wendy-tekoälylle ratkaistavaksi
Aiforsite lanseeraa tulevana keväänä tekoäly Wendyn, joka tehostaa työmaahallintaa  huomattavasti. Ideakilpailussa haetaan rakennusalan ammattilaisten näkemyksiä siitä, millaista arvoa Wendy voisi parhaimmillaan tuottaa? Miten Wendy voi helpottaa työmaahallintaa? Mitkä akuutit tai toistuvat ongelmat ratkaista? Ehdota, mitä Wendy voi ratkaista tai automatisoida rakennustyömaalla.

Competition Rules

Organiser of the Idea Competition

Aiforsite Ltd
Keilaranta 1, 02150, Espoo, Finland

Who can participate?

All natural persons representing companies in the property development and construction sector or completing a university degree related to this sector, living in Finland and abroad, can participate in the idea competition, except for those employed by the Organiser or their family members who are involved in organising this competition.

Competition schedule

The period of participation in the competition on the website of until February 24, 2023, 12.00 p.m. EET. UPDATE: The winner will be selected on week 9 (27.2.-3.3.23). The winner will be notified personally by e-mail or via Linkedin.

How to participate

Participation in the competition is free of charge. The competition can be entered on the campaign page by filling in the form. Also proposals given on Linkedin on 15-16 February, 2023 as a comment to Aiforsite’s CEO Kari Hirvijärvi’s post, will be taken into account in the competition results. Aiforsite is not responsible for IT reasons that prevent participation in the contest.

The Prize

The organizer reviews all the submissions received by the deadline and selects one (1) best according to the following selection criteria:

  • Innovativeness
  • Impact on construction site management
  • Feasibility

The prize of the competition is a meeting with the artificial intelligence Wendy before the official launch of the service. The meeting will be organised as a meeting online or on site in Aiforsite’s Control Room in Espoo or London. The winner is responsible for all travel and other personal expenses related to the meeting.

The nominal value of the prize is EUR 99.00, which, however, is not paid in cash. The prize cannot be transferred.


The idea competition organised by Aiforsite does not fall under the scope of the Finnish Lottery Tax Act because winning is not based on chance and the prize from the competition is given based on the participant’s performance.

The organiser is therefore not obliged to submit the statutory lottery tax for the prize mentioned in these rules. The prize winner is responsible for any other costs related to receiving or using the prize or participating in the competition.

For Finnish residents: as of 2020, the prize payer (the Organiser) does not have to declare competition prizes worth a maximum of 100 euros to the Tax Administration’s income register, and they are not considered as other taxable income of the prize recipient if the total value of the competition prizes received in the tax year of the prize recipient is no more than 100 euros (Finnish Income Tax Law, Paragraph 84 a).

Publication of results

The results of the competition will be announced on Aiforsite’s website and other channels. The winner’s name may be mentioned with his consent.

Responsibility of the Organiser

The prize winner releases the Organiser from all liability arising or alleged to have arisen from participating in this competition or accepting the prize.

The organizer’s responsibility towards the participants does not exceed the value or amount of the prize mentioned in these rules. By participating in this competition, participants agree to follow the rules of the competition and the Organiser’s decisions. The Organiser reserves the right to change the rules by announcing them on the competition’s website.

Rights and obligations of participants

The person participating in the competition gives his consent to the processing of his personal data by the Organiser (first name, last name, work e-mail address, phone number, company or educational institution, job title).

The person participating in the competition is responsible for the correctness of the information he/she gives to the Organiser. The participant is responsible for ensuring that the competition proposal he/she submitted does not violate the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.

It is the responsibility of the winner of the competition to ensure his tax liability related to the prize. The Organiser has no obligation to find out the tax status of the participants and does not deliver any payments in addition to the prize mentioned in the rules.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights to competition proposals remain with the authors. However, the Organiser of the competition has unlimited access to the topics and ideas of the submitted and awarded proposals. The right of use includes the right to use, utilise and copy the topics and ideas of the proposals and to make changes to them in the development of Wendy AI.

The competition Organiser has the right to publish the content of the competition proposals without separate compensation.

Processing and use of personal data

The participants’ personal data is treated confidentially. The personal data provided in the competition can be used for marketing if the participant has given his consent.

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