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The winner of the AI Wendy Idea Competition has been chosen

AI Wendy Idea Competition - we have a winner!

The winner of Aiforsite’s AI Wendy idea competition has been chosen. We have notified the winner personally and agreed on the time to claim the competition prize. The prize is a meeting with AI Wendy before its official launch.

The winning proposal reads as follows:

” Personalize a working area, a work task and make the schedule of the day for the builder. The purpose of this is to transfer the assigning of the first task of the day away from the foreman and to display it directly to a screen in the social space. Give the information of where to start and where to proceed.”

Artificial intelligence Wendy to enhance site management

Aiforsite is developing artificial intelligence Wendy, aiming to improve construction site management. With the help of artificial intelligence, the processing and exchanging of data from different sources and systems on the construction site will enter a completely new level.

The goal is to make the everyday life of site management easier and save working time by automating certain routines.

Many interesting proposals in the idea competition

We run an idea competition 15.2.-24.2.2023. We asked construction professionals and students to help us figure out how AI Wendy can enhance site management. What kind of value should Wendy produce for construction professionals at best? Which urgent or repeating problems can Wendy solve?

We received very interesting suggestions about what Wendy can solve or automate on the construction site. The proposals were divided into the following categories:

  • Site daily management
  • Occupational safety
  • Design management
  • Cost control
  • Material management and procurement

Selection criteria

The jury of the idea competition consisted of construction, product development, site services and marketing professionals. The received proposals were evaluated using three criteria:

  • Innovativeness
  • Impact on the site management
  • Feasibility

The winning proposal would make the foreman’s everyday life easier

The jury was unanimous about the winning proposal. Automating the creation of daily task lists would make the foreman’s everyday life easier and improve communication on the job site.

In our opinion, construction companies should invest considerably more in advance planning of production to create appropriate conditions for productive work. Ensuring the task-specific prerequisites and creating proper conditions for operatives to do their job plays a significant role in improving construction productivity.

Innovativeness and impact of the idea

Artificial intelligence opens up great opportunities for making site processes more efficient. The winning proposal would make the work management’s everyday life significantly easier. Automation of creating and distributing daily tasks to workers would make work much more efficient.

At the same time, it would improve communication between all project parties at the site. Which tasks are in progress, which are about to start, and which have problems?

Feasibility of the idea

The idea is quite feasible. Based on the weekly schedule and other background information, Wendy can create personal daily task lists for different work phases and work packages, which the foreman checks and approve for production.

Wendy can also help check the prerequisites for starting tasks and alert you if any of them are missing. It would be possible to attach installation instructions, drawings, or other information to the tasks. Here are a few more examples of how Wendy could improve site management.

Solving the language problem

Language problem is often a challenge on the multinational job site. Wendy would be able to present the tasks in each operative’s own language, and the worker would be able to ask specific questions related to the task directly from Wendy.

Navigator for a large construction site

On large and complex construction sites, Wendy could act as a navigator and guide the workers on how to find the right workspace or where the materials are.

Digital trace of communication

Wendy would act as a kind of intermediary in communication that takes place digitally and in one place. A digital trace remains from the communication, which can be shared more widely if necessary.

Thanks to all participants!

We thank all the participants who brought up many different perspectives on improving the site’s processes. Proposals came from Finland, the UK, and the USA. Many proposals are closely related to the implementation of the winning idea. It is possible that we will use them in the later stages of our development work.

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